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48. On account of the others also being taught, in the same way as the condition of the Muni.

The injunction, on him who has passed beyond all desire, of mauna preceded by pârivrâgya (wandering about as a mendicant), is meant to illustrate the duties of all âsramas . For the duties of the other âsramas are taught by Scripture no less than those of the Muni (and the householder). Similarly it was shown above that in the text 'There are three branches of sacred duty--he who is founded on Brahman goes to immortality,' the term 'founded on Brahman' applies equally to members of all âsramas .--It therefore remains a settled conclusion that

p. 712

the text under discussion enjoins pânditya, bâlya, and mauna as being auxiliaries to knowledge in the same way as the other duties of the âsramas, such as sacrifices and the rest.--Here terminates the adhikarana of 'the injunction of other auxiliaries.'

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