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1. BE with us; I have chosen thee: stand stedfast and immovable.
Let all the people wish for thee let not thy kingship fall away.
2 Be even here; fall not away be like a mountain unremoved.
Stand stedfast here like Indra's self, and hold the kingship in the grasp.
3 This man hath Indra stablished, made secure by strong oblation's power.
May Soma speak a benison, and Brahmaṇaspati, on him.
4 Firm is the sky and firm the earth, and stedfast also are these hills.
Stedfast is all this living world, and stedfast is this King of men.
5 Stedfast, may Varuṇa the King, stedfast, the God Bṛhaspati,
Stedfast, may Indra, stedfast too, may Agni keep thy stedfast reign.
6 On constant Soma let us think with constant sacrificial gift
And then may Indra make the clans bring tribute unto thee alone.

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