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1. THIS pleasant meath, O Indra, is effused for thee: thou art the ruling Lord of beaker and of juice.
Bestow upon us wealth with many hero sons: thou, having glowed with Fervour, wonnest heavenly light.
2 Let us call Śakra to libations here effused, winner of light who joyeth in the potent juice.
Mark well this sacrifice of ours and come to us: we pray to Maghavan the Vanquisher of hosts.
3 By royal Soma's and by Varuṇa's decree, under Bṛhaspati's and Anumati's guard,
This day by thine authority, O Maghavan, Maker, Disposer thou! have I enjoyed the jars.
4 1, too, urged on, have had my portion, in the bowl, and as first Prince I drew forth this my hymn of praise,
When with the prize I came unto the flowing juice, O Viśvāmitra, Jamadagni, to your home.