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HYMN CLXIV. Dream-charm.

1. AVAUNT, thou Master of the mind Depart, and vanish far away.
Look on Destruction far from hence. The live man's mind is manifold.
2 A happy boon do men elect, a mighty blessing they obtain.
Bliss with Vaivasvata they see. The live man's mind seeks many a place.
3 If by address, by blame, by imprecation we have committed sin, awake or sleeping,
All hateful acts of ours, all evil doings may Agni bear away to distant places.
4 When, Indra, Brahmaṇaspati, our deeds are wrongful and unjust,
May provident Aṅgirasa prevent our foes from troubling, us.
5 We have prevailed this day and won: we are made free from sin and guilt.
Ill thoughts, that visit us awake or sleeping, seize the man we hate, yea, seize the man who hateth us.

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