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HYMN CL. Agni.

1. THOU, bearer of oblations, though kindled, art kindled for the Gods.
With the Ādityas, Rudras, Vasus, come to us: to show us favour come to us.
2 Come hither and accept with joy this sacrifice and hymn of ours.
O kindled God, we mortals are invoking thee, calling on thee to show us grace.
3 I laud thee Jātavedas, thee Lord of all blessings, with my song.
Agni, bring hitherward the Gods whose Laws we love, whose laws we love, to show us grace.
4 Agni the God was made the great High-Priest of Gods, Ṛṣis have kindled Agni, men of mortal mould.
Agni I invocate for winning ample wealth. kindly disposed for winning wealth.
5 Atri and Bharadvāja and Gavisthira, Kaṇva and Trasadasyu, in our fight he helped.
On Agni calls Vasiṣṭha, even the household priest, the household priest to win his grace.

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