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1. I TRUST in thy first wrathful deed, O Indra, when thou slewest Vṛtra and didst work to profit man;
What time the two world-halves fell short of thee in might, and the earth trembled at thy force, O Thunder-anned.
2 Thou with thy magic powers didst rend the conjurer Vṛtra, O Blameless One, with heart that longed for fame.
Heroes elect thee when they battle for the prey, thee in all sacrifices worthy of renown.
3 God Much-invoked, take pleasure in these princes here, who, thine exalters, Maghavan, have come to wealth.
In synods, when the rite succeeds, they hymn the Strong for sons and progeny and riches undisturbed.
4 That man shall find delight in well-protected wealth whose care provides for him the quick-sought joyous draught.
Bringing oblations, strengthened Maghavan, by thee, he swiftly wins the spoil with heroes in the fight.
5 Now for our band, O Maghavan, when lauded, make ample room with might, and grant us riches.
Magician thou, our Varuṇa and Mitra, deal food to us, O Wondrous, as Dispenser.

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