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1. AGNI, refulgent among men thou slayest the devouring fiend,
Bright Ruler in thine own abode.
2 Thou springest up when worshipped well the drops of butter are thy joy
When ladies are brought near to thee.
3 Honoured with gifts he shines afar, Agni adorable with song:
The dripping ladle balms his face.
4 Agni with honey in his mouth, honoured with gifts, is balmed with oil,
Refulgent in his wealth of light.
5 Praised by our hymns thou kindlest thee, Oblation-bearer, for the Gods
As such do mortals call on thee.
6 To that Immortal Agni pay worship with oil, ye mortal men,—
Lord of the house, whom none deceives.
7 O Agni, burn the Rākṣasas with thine unconquerable flame
Shine guardian of Eternal Law.
8 So, Agni, with thy glowing face burn fierce against the female fiends,
Shining among Uruksayas.
9 Uruksayas have kindled thee, Oblation-bearer, thee, with hymns.
Best Worshipper among mankind.

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