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1. I HAVE beheld the might of this Great Being. Immortal in the midst of tribes of mortals.
His jaws now open and now shut together: much they devour, insatiately chewing.
2 His eyes are turned away, his head is hidden: unsated with his tongue he eats the fuel.
With hands upraised, with reverence in the houses, for him they quickly bring his food together.
3 Seeking, as ’twere, his Mother's secret bosom, he, like a child, creeps on through wide-spread bushes.
One he finds glowing like hot food made ready, and kissing deep within the earth's recmes.
4 This holy Law I tell you, Earth and Heaven: the Infant at his birth dovours his Parents.
No knowledge of the God have I, a mortal. Yea, Agni knoweth best, for he hath wisdom.
5 This man who quickly gives him food, who offers his gifts of oil and butter and supports him, -
Him with his thousand eyes he closely looks on: thou showest him thy face from all sides, Agni.
6 Agni, hast thou committed sin or treason among the Gods? In ignorance I ask thee.
Playing, not playing, he gold-hued and toothless, hath cut his food up as the knife a victim.
7 He born in wood hath yoked his horses rushing in all directions, held with reins that glitter.
The well-born friend hath carved his food with Vasus: in all his limbs he hath increased and prospered.

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