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HYMN LXVI. Viśvedevas.

1. I CALL the Gods of lofty glory for our weal, the makers of the light, well-skilled in sacrifice;
Those who have waxen mightily, Masters of all wealth, Immortal, strengthening Law, the Gods whom Indra leads.
2 For the strong band of Maruts will we frame a hymn: the chiefs shall bring forth sacrifice for Indra's troop,
Who, sent by Indra and advised by Varuṇa, have gotten for themselves a share of Sūrya's light
3 May Indra with the Vasus keep our dwelling safe, and Aditi with Ādityas lend us sure defence.
May the God Rudra with the Rudras favour us, and Tvaṣṭar with the Dames further us to success.
4 Aditi, Heaven and Earth, the great eternal Law, Indra, Viṣṇu, the Maruts, and the lofty Sky.
We call upon Ādityas, on the Gods, for help, on Vasus, Rudras, Savitar of wondrous deeds.
5 With Holy Thoughts Sarasvān, firm-lawed Varuṇa, great Vāyu, Pūṣan, Viṣṇu, and the Aśvins Twain,
Lords of all wealth, Immortal, furtherers of prayer, grant us a triply-guarding refuge from distress.
6 Strong be the sacrifice, strong be the Holy Ones, strong the preparers of oblation, strong the Gods.
Mighty be Heaven and Earth, true to eternal Law, strong be Parjanya, strong be they who laud the Strong.
7 To win us strength I glorify the Mighty Twain, Agni and Soma, Mighty Ones whom many laud.
May these vouchsafe us shelter with a triple guard, these whom the strong have served in worship of the Gods.
8 Potent, with firm-fixt laws, arranging sacrifice, visiting solemn rites in splendour of the day,
Obeying Order, these whose priest is Agni, free from falsehood, poured the waters out when Vṛtra died.
9 The Holy Ones engendered, for their several laws, the heavens and earth, the waters, and the plants and trees.
They filled the firmament with heavenly light for help: the Gods embodied Wish and made it beautiful.
10 May they who bear up heaven, the Ṛbhus deft of hand, and Vāta and Parjanya of the thundering Bull,
The waters and the plants, promote the songs we sing: come Bhaga, Rati, and the Vaijns to my call.
11 Sindhu, the sea, the region, and the firmament, the thunder, and the ocean, Aja-Ekapād,
The Dragon of the Deep, shall listen to my words, and all the Deities and Princes shall give ear.
12 May we, be yours, we men, to entertain the Gods: further our sacrifice and give it full success.
Ādityas, Rudras, Vasus, givers of good gifts, quicken the holy hymns which we are singing now
13 I follow with success upon the path of Law the two celestial Hotars, Priests of oldest time.
We pray to him who dwelleth near, Guard of the Field, to all Immortal Gods who never are remiss.
14 Vasiṣṭha's sons have raised their voices, like their sire. Ṛṣi-like praying to the Gods for happiness.
Like friendly-minded kinsmen, come at our desire, O Gods, and shake down treasures on us from above.
15 Immortal Gods have I, Vasiṣṭha, lauded, Gods set on high above all other beings.
May they this day grant us wide space and freedom: ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.

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