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1. INSTRUCT me, all ye Gods, how I, elected your Priest, must seat me here, and how address you.
Instruct me how to deal to each his portion, and by what ' path to bring you man's oblation.
2 I sit as Priest most skilled in sacrificing: the Maruts and all Deities impel me.
Aśvins, each day yours is the Adhvaryu's duty: Brahman and wood are here: ’tis yours to offer.
3 Who is the Priest? Is he the Priest of Yama? On whom is thrust this God-appointed honour?
He springs to life each month, each day that passes; so Gods have made him their oblation-bearer.
4 The Gods have made me bearer of oblations, who slipped away and passed through many troubles.
Wise Agni shall ordain for us the worship, whether five-wayed, threefold, or seven-threaded.
5 So will I win you strength and life for ever. O Gods, that I may give you room and freedom.
To Indra's arms would I consign the thunder; in all these battles shall he then be victor.
6 The Deities three hundred and thirty-nine, have served and honoured Agni,
Strewn sacred grass, anointed him with butter, and seated him as Priest, the Gods’ Invoker.

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