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HYMN XLI. Aśvins.

1. THAT general Car of yours, invoked by many a man, that comes to our libations, three-wheeled, meet for lauds,
That circumambient Car, worthy of sacrifice, we call with our pure hymns at earliest flush of dawn.
2 Ye, O Nāsatyas, mount that early-harnessed Car, that travels early, laden with its freight of balm,
Wherewith ye, Heroes, visit clans who sacrifice, even the poor man's worship where the priest attends.
3 If to the deft Adhvaryu with the meath in hand, or to the Kindler firm in strength, the household friend,
Or to the sage's poured libations ye approach, come thence, O Aśvins, now to drink the offered meath.

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