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1. WITH offerings of our own we choose thee, Agni, as Invoking Priest,
For sacrifice with trimmed grass,—at your glad carouse-piercing and brightly shining. Thou art waxing great.
2 The wealthy ones adorn thee, they who bring us horses as their gift:
The sprinkling ladle, Agni,—at your glad carouse -and glowing offering taste thee. Thou art waxing great.
3 The holy statutes rest by thee, as ’twere with ladles that o’erflow.
Black and white-gleaming colours,—at your glad carouse-all glories thou assurnest. Thou art waxing great.
4 O Agni, what thou deemest wealth, Victorious and Immortal One!
Bring thou to give us vigour,—at your glad carouse -splendid at sacrifices. Thou art waxing great.
5 Skilled in all lore is Agni, he whom erst Atharvan brought to life.
He was Vivasvān's envoy, at your glad carouse-the weIl-loved friend of Yama, Thou art waxing great.
6 At sacrifices they adore thee, Agni, when the rite proceeds.
All fair and lovely treasures-at your glad carouse-thou givest him who offers. Thou art waxing great.
7 Men, Agni, have established thee as welcome Priest at holy rites,
Thee whose face shines with butter,—at your glad carouse-bright, with eyes most observant. Thou art waxing great.
8 Wide and aloft thou spreadest thee, O Agni, with thy brilliant flame.
A Bull art thou when bellowing,—at your glad carouse-thou dost impregn the Sisters. Thou art waxing great.

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