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1. O AGNI, shared by all men living bring us good luck for sacrifice from earth and heaven.
With us be thine intelligence, WonderWorker! Protect us, God, with thy far-reaching blessings.
2 These hymns brought forth for thee, O Agni, laud thee for bounteous gifts, with cattle and with horses.
Good Lord, when man from thee hath gained enjoyment, by hymns, O noblyborn, hath he obtained it.
3 Agni I deem my Kinsman and my Father, count him my Brother and my Friend for ever.
I honour as the face of lofty Agni in heaven the bright and holy light of Sūrya.
4 Effectual, Agni, are our prayers for profit. He whom, at home thou, Priest for ever, guardest
Is rich in food, drawn by red steeds, and holy: by day and night to him shall all be pleasant.
5 Men with their arms have generated Agni, helpful as some kind friend, adorned with splendours,
And stablished as Invoker mid the people the ancient Priest the sacrifice's lover.
6 Worship, thyself, O God, the Gods in heaven: what, void of knowledge, shall the fool avail thee?
As thou, O God, hast worshipped Gods by seasons, so, nobly-born! to thine own self pay worship.
7 Agni, be thou our Guardian and Protector bestow upon us life and vital vigour.
Accept, O Mighty One, the gifts we offer, and with unceasing care protect our bodies.

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