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HYMN V. Agni.

1. HE only is the Sea, holder of treasures: born many a time he views the hearts within us.
He hides him in the secret couple's bosom. The Bird dwells in the middle of the fountain.
2 Inhabiting one dwelling-place in common, strong Stallions and the Mares have come together.
The sages guard the seat of Holy Order, and keep the highest names concealed within them.
3 The Holy Pair, of wondrous power, have coupled: they formed the Infant, they who bred produced him.
The central point of all that moves and moves not, the while they wove the Sage's thread with insight
4 For tracks of Order and refreshing viands attend from ancient times the goodly Infant.
Wearing him as a mantle, Earth and Heaven grow strong by food of pleasant drink and fatness.
5 He, calling loudly to the Seven red Sisters, hath, skilled in sweet drink, brought them to be looked on.
He, born of old, in middle air hath halted, and sought and found the covering robe of Pūṣan.
6 Seven are the pathways which the wise have fashioned; to one of these may come the troubled mortal.
He standeth in the dwelling of the Highest, a Pillar, on sure ground where paths are parted.
7 Not Being, Being in the highest heaven, in Aditi's bosom and in Dakṣa's birthplace,
Is Agni, our first-born of Holy Order, the Milch-cow and the Bull in life's beginning.

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