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HYMN CX. Soma Pavamana.

1. O'ERPOWERING Vṛtras, forward run to win great strength:
Thou speedest to subdue like one exacting debts.
2 In thee, effused, O Soma, we rejoice ourselves for great supremacy in fight.
Thou, Pavamana, enterest into mighty deeds,
3 O Pavamana, thou didst generate the Sun, and spread the moisture out with power,
Hasting to us with plenty vivified with milk.
4 Thou didst produce him, Deathless God mid mortal men for maintenance of Law and lovely Amṛta:
Thou evermore hast moved making strength flow to us.
5 All round about hast thou with glory pierced for us as ’twere a never-failing well for men to drink,
Borne on thy way in fragments from the presser's arms.
6 Then, beautifully radiant, certain Heavenly Ones, have sung to him their kinship as they looked thereon,
And Savitar the God opens as ’twere a stall.
7 Soma, the men of old whose grass was trimmed addressed the hymn to thee for mighty strength and for renown:
So, Hero, urge us onward to heroic power.
8 They have drained forth from out the great depth of the sky the old primeval milk of heaven that claims the laud:
They lifted up their voice to Indra athis birth.
9 As long as thou, O Pavamana, art above this earth and heaven and all existence in thy might,
Thou standest like a Bull the chief amid the herd.
10 In the sheep's wool hath Soma Pavamana flowed, while they cleanse him, like a playful infant,
Indu with hundred powers and hundred currents.
11 Holy and sweet, while purified, this Indu flows on, a wave of pleasant taste, to Indra,—
Strength-winner, Treasure-finder, Life. bestower.
12 So flow thou on, subduing our assailants, chasing the demons hard to beencountered,
Well-armed and conquering our foes, O Soma.

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