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HYMN XCIX. Soma Pavamana.

1. THEY for the Bold and Lovely One ply manly vigour like a bow:
joyous, in front of songs they weave bright raiment for the Lord Divine.
2 And he, made beautiful by night, dips forward into strengthening food',
What time the sacrificer's thoughts speed on his way the Golden-hued.
3 We cleanse this gladdening drink of his the juice which Indra chiefly drinks—-
That which kine took into their mouths, of old, and princes take it now.
4 To him, while purifying, they have raised the ancient psalm of praise:
And sacred songs which bear the names of Gods have supplicated him.
5 They purify him as he drops, courageous, in the fleecy sieve.
Him they instruct as messenger to bear the sage's morning prayer.
6 Soma, best Cheerer, takes his seat, the while they cleanse him in the bowls.
He as it were impregns the cow, and babbles on, the Lord of Song.
7 He is effused and beautified, a God for Gods, by skilful men.
He penetrates the mighty floods collecting all he knows therein.
8 Pressed, Indu, guided by the men, thou art led to the cleaning sieve.
Thou, yielding Indra highest joy, takest thy seat within the bowls.

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