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HYMN XXXIV. Some Pavamana.

1. THE drop of Soma juice effused flows onward with this stream impelled.
Rending strong places with its might.
2 Poured forth to Indra, Varuṇa, to Vāyu and the Marut hosts,
To Viṣṇu, flows the Soma juice.
3 With stones they press the Soma forth, the Strong conducted by the strong:
They milk the liquor out with skill.
4 ’Tis he whom Trita must refine, ’tis he who shall make Indra glad:
The Tawny One is decked with tints.
5 Him do the Sons of Pṛśni milk, the dwelling-place of sacrifice,
Oblation lovely and most dear.
6 To him in one unitcd stream th-,se songs flow on straight forward. he,
Loud voiced, hath made the milch-kine low.

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