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HYMN XXV. Soma Pavamana.

1. GREEN-HUED! as one who giveth strength flow on for Gods to drink, a draught
For Vāyu and the Marut host.
2 O Pavamana, sent by song, roaring about thy dwelling-place,
Pass into Vāyu as Law bids.
3 The Steer shines with the Deities, dear Sage in his appointed home,
Foe-Slayer, most beloved by Gods.
4 Taking each beauteous form, he goes, desirable, while purified,
Thither where- the Immortals sit.
5 To Indra Soma flows, the Red, engendering song, exceeding wise,
The visitor of living men.
6 Flow, best exhilarator, Sage, flow to the filter in a stream
To seat thee in the place of song.

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