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HYMN XVII. Soma Pavamana.

1. LIKE rivers down a steep descent, slaying the Vṛtras, full of zeal,
The rapid Soma-streams have flowed.
2 The drops of Soma juice effused fall like the rain upon the earth:
To Indra flow the Soma-streams.
3 With swelling wave the gladdening drink, the Soma, flows intoṭhe sieve,
Loving the Gods and slaying fiends.
4 It hastens to the pitchers, poured upon the sieve it waxes strong
At sacrifices through the lauds.
5 Soma, thou shinest mounting heaven as ’twere above light's triple realm,
And moving secm'st to speed the Sun.
6 To him, the head of sacnfice, singers and bards have sung their songs,
Offering what he loves to see.
7 The men, the sages with their hymns, eager for help, deck thee strong &teed,
Deck thee for service of the Gods.
8 Flow onward to the stream of meath rest efficacious in thy home,
Fair, to be drunk at sacrifice.

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