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HYMN X. Soma Pavamana.

1. LIKE cars that thunder on their way, like coursers eager for renown,
Have Soma-drops flowed forth for wealth.
2 Forth have they rushed from holding hands, like chariots that are urged to speed,
Like joyful songs of singing-men.
3 The Somas deck themselves with milk, as Kings are graced with eulogies,
And, with seven priests, the sacrifice.
4 Pressed for the gladdening draught, the drops flow forth abundantly with song,
The Soma juices in a stream.
5 Winning Vivasvān's glory and producing Morning's light, the Suns
Pass through the openings of the cloth.
6 The singing-men of ancient time open the doors of sacred songs,—
Men, for the mighty to accept.
7 Combined in close society sit the seven priests, the brother-hood,
Filling the station of the One.
8 He gives us kinship with the Gods, and with the Sun unites our eye:
The Sage's ofrspring hath appeared.
9 The Sun with his dear eye beholds that quarter of the heavens which priests
Have placed within the sacred cell.

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