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HYMN VIII Praskaṇva's Go.

1. THY bounty, Dasyave-vrka, exhaustless hath displayed itself:
Its fulness is as broad as heaven.
2 Ten thousand Dasyave-vrka, the son of Putakrata, hath
From his own wealth bestowed on me.
3 A hundred asses hath he given, a hundred head of fleecy sheep,
A hundred slaves, and wreaths besides.
4 There also was a mare led forth, picked out for Putakrata's sake,
Not of the horses of the herd.
5 Observant Agni hath appeared, oblation-bearer with his car.
Agni with his resplendent flame hath shone on high as shines the Sun, hath shone like Sūrya in theheavens.

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