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1. O Sarakratu! truely I have made none else my Comforter.
Indra; be gracious unto us.
2 Thou who hast ever aided us kindly of old to win the spoil,
As such, O Indra, favour us.
3 What now? As prompter of the poor thou helpest him who sheds the juice.
Wilt thou not, Indra, strengthen us?
4 O Indra, help our chariot on, yea, Thunderer, though it lag behind:
Give this my car the foremost place.
5 Ho there! why sittest thou at case? Make thou my chariot to be first
And bring the fame of victory near.
6 Assist our car that seeks the prize. What can be easier for thee?
So make thou us victorious.
7 Indra, be firm: a fort art thou. To thine appointed place proceeds
The auspicious hymn in season due.
8 Let not our portion be disgrace. Broad is the course, the prize is set,
The barriers are opened wide.
9 This thing we wish. that thou mayst take thy fourth, thy sacrificial name.
So art thou held to be our Lord.
10 Ekadyu hath exalted you, Immortals: both Goddesses and Gods hath he delighted.
Bestow upon him bounty meet for praises. May he, enriched with prayer, come soon and early.

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