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1 THE other fires are, verily, thy branches; the Immortals all rejoice in thee, O Agni.
Centre art thou, Vaiśvānara, of the people, sustaining men like a deep-founded pillar.
2 The forehead of the sky, earth's centre, Agni became the messenger of earth and heaven.
Vaiśvānara, the Deities produced thee, a God, to be a light unto the Ārya.
3 As in the Sun firm rays are set for ever, treasures are in Vaiśvānara, in Agni.
Of all the riches in the hills, the waters, the herbs, among mankind, thou art the Sovran.
4 As the great World-halves, so are their Son's praises; skilled, as a man, to act, is he the Herald.
Vaiśvānara, celestial, truly mighty, most manly One, hath many a youthful consort.
5 Even the lofty heaven, O Jātavedas Vaiśvānara, hath not attained thy greatness.
Thou art the King of lands where men are settled, thou hast brought comfort to the Gods in battle.
6 Now will I tell the greatness of the Hero whom Pūru's sons follow as Vṛtra's slayer:
Agni Vaiśvānara struck down the Dasyu, cleave Śambara through and shattered down his fences.
7 Vaiśvānara, dwelling by his might with all men, far-shining, holy mid the Bharadvājas,
Is lauded, excellent, with hundred praises by Purūṇītha, son of Śatavani.

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