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HYMN XVIII. Brahmaṇaspati.

1 O BRĀHMAṆASPATI, make him who presses Soma glorious,
Even Kakṣīvān Auśija.
2 The rich, the healer of disease, who giveth wealth, increaseth store,
The prompt,—may he be with us still.
3 Let not the foeman's curse, let not a mortal's onslaught fall on us
Preserve us, Brahmaṇaspati.
4 Ne’er is the mortal hero harmed whom Indra, Brahmaṇaspati,
And Soma graciously inspire.
5 Do, thou, O Brahmaṇaspati, and Indra, Soma, Dakṣiṇā,
Preserve that mortal from distress.
6 To the Assembly's wondrous Lord, to Indra's lovely Friend who gives
Wisdom, have I drawn near in prayer.
7 He without whom no sacrifice, e’en of the wise man, prospers; he
Stirs up the series of thoughts.
8 He makes the oblation prosper, he promotes the course of sacrifice:
Our voice of praise goes to the Gods.
9 I have seen Narāśaṁsa, him most resolute, most widely famed,
As ’twere the Household Priest of heaven.

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