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1 O INDRA drink the Soma juice with Ṛtu; let the cheering drops
Sink deep within, which settle there.
2 Drink from the Purifier's cup, Maruts, with Ṛtu; sanctify
The rite, for ye give precious gifts.
3 O Neṣṭar, with thy Dame accept our sacrifice; with Ṛtu drink,
For thou art he who giveth wealth.
4 Bring the Gods, Agni; in the three appointed places set them down:
Surround them, and with Ṛtu drink.
5 Drink Soma after the Ṛtus, from the Brāhmaṇa's bounty: undissolved,
O Indra, is thy friendship's bond.
6 Mitra, Varuṇa, ye whose ways are firm—a Power that none deceives—,
With Ṛtu ye have reached the rite.
7 The Soma-pressers, fain for wealth, praise the Wealth-giver in the rite,
In sacrifices praise the God.
8 May the Wealth-giver grant to us riches that shall be far renowned.
These things we gain, among the Gods.
9 He with the Ṛtu fain would drink, Wealth-giver, from the Neṣṭar's bowl.
Haste, give your offering, and depart.
10 As we this fourth time, Wealth-giver, honour thee with the Ṛtus, be
A Giver bountiful to us.
11 Drink ye the meath, O Aśvins bright with flames, whose acts are pure, who with
Ṛtus accept the sacrifice.
12 With Ṛtu, through the house-fire, thou, kind Giver, guidest sacrifice:
Worship the Gods for the pious man.

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