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1From the three jars the Great and Strong hath drunk drink blent
   with meal. With Vishnu hath he quaffed the flowing Soma
   juice, all that he would.
  That hath so heightened him the Great, the Vast, to do his
   mighty work.
  So may the God attend the God, true Indu Indra who is true.
2Sing strength to Indra that shall set his chariot in the foremost
   place. p. 343
  Giver of room in closest fight, slayer of foes in shock of war, be
   thou our great encourager. Let the weak bowstrings break
   upon the bows of feeble enemies.
3Thou didst destroy the Dragon: thou sentest the rivers down to
  Foeless, O Indra, wast thou born. Thou tendest well each
   choicest thing. Therefore we draw us close to thee. Let the
   weak bowstrings break upon the bows of feeble enemies.
4Destroyed be all malignities and all our enemy's designs.
  Thy bolt thou castest at the foe, O Indra, who would smite us
   dead: thy liberal bounty gives us wealth. Let the weak bow-
   strings break upon the bows of feeble enemies.

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