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p. 333


1Him who with might hath propped earth's ends, who sitteth in
   threefold seat, Brihaspati, with thunder,
  Him of the pleasant tongue have ancient sages, deep thinking,.
   holy singers, set before them.
2Wild in their course, in well-marked wise rejoicing were they,.
  Brihaspati, who pressed around us
  Preserve, Brihaspati, the stall uninjured,r,this company's raining.
   ever-moving birth-place.
3Brihaspati, from thy remotest distance have they sat down who
   love the law eternal.
  For thee were dug wells springing from the mountain, which
   murmuring round about pour streams of sweetness.
4Brihaspati, when first he had his being from mighty splendour in
   supremest heaven.
  Strong, with his sevenfold mouth, with noise of thunder, with
   his seven rays blew and dispersed the darkness.
5With the loud-shouting band who sang his praises, with thunder,
   he destroyed malignant Vala.
  Brihaspati thundering drave forth the cattle, the lowing cows
   who make oblations ready.
6Serve we with sacrifices, gifts, and homage even thus the Steer
   of all the Gods, the Father.
  Brihaspati, may we be lords of riches, with noble progeny and,
   store of heroes.

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