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1For you will I sing Indra's praise who gives good gifts as well we
  Praise of the Bounteous Lord who, rich in treasure, aids his
   singers with wealth thousandfold.
2As with a hundred hosts he rushes boldly on, and for the offerer
   slays his foes.
  As from a mountain flow the water-brooks, thus flow his gifts
   who feedeth many a one.
3Sakra I praise, for victory, far-famed, exceeding bountiful.
  Who gives, as 'twere in thousands, precious wealth to him who
   sheds the juice and worships him.
4Arrows with hundred points, unconquerable, are this Indra's
   mighty arms in war.
  He streams on liberal worshippers like a hill with springs, when
   juices poured have gladdened him.

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