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1To him, to him swift, strong, and high-exalted, I bring my song
   of praise as dainty viands;
  My thought to him resistless, meet for praises, prayers offered
   most devotedly to Indra. p. 293
2To him I offer praise as choice refreshment, bring forth my song,
   with seemly laud besiege him.
  For Indra, Lord of olden time, the singers shall deck their hymns
   with heart and mind and spirit.
3To him then with my lips my song of praises, excellent, winning
   heavenly light, I offer,
  To magnify with hymns of invocation and eulogies the Lord,
   most bounteous Giver.
4Even for him I frame a laud—so fashions the wright a chariot
   for the man who needs it
  Songs for wise Indra hymned with invocation, a song composed
   with care and all-impelling.
5So with my tongue I deck, to please that Indra, my hymn as't-
   were a horse, through love of glory,
  To reverence the Hero, bounteous Giver, famed far and wide,
   destroyer of the castles.
6Even for him hath Tvashtar forged the thunder, most deftly
   wrought, celestial, for the battle.
  Wherewith he reached the vital parts of Vritra, striking—the
   vast, the mighty—with the striker,
7As soon as, at libations of his mother, great Vishnu had drunk
   up the draught, he plundered.
  The dainty cates, the cooked mess; but One stronger transfixed
   the wild boar, shooting through the mountain.
8To him, to Indra when he slew the Dragon, the Dames too,
  Consorts of the Gods, wove praises.
  The mighty heaven and earth hath he encompassed: thy great-
   ness heaven and earth, combined, exceed not.
9Yea, of a truth, his magnitude surpasseth the magnitude of
   earth, mid-air and heaven.
  Indra whom all men praise, the Sovran Ruler, waxed in his
   home loud-voiced and strong for battle.
10Through his own strength with bolt of thunder Indra smote
   piece-meal Vritra, drier up of waters.
  He let the floods go free, like cows imprisoned, for glory, with
   a heart inclined to bounty.
11Through his resplendent power still stood the rivers when with
   his bolt on every side he stayed them. p. 294
  With lordly might favouring him who worshipped, he made a
   ford, victorious, for Turviti.
12Vast, with thine ample power, with eager movement against this
  Vritra cast thy bolt of thunder.
  Rend thou his joints, as of an ox dissevered, with bolt oblique
   that floods of rain may follow.
13Sing with new lauds his exploits wrought aforetime, the deeds
   of him, yea, him who moveth swiftly,
  When, hurling forth his weapons in the battle, he with impetuous
   wrath lays low the foemen.
14When he, yea, he is born the firm-set mountains and the whole
   heaven and earth tremble in terror.
  May Nodhas ever lauding the protection of this dear Friend win
   straightway strength heroic.
15Now unto him of these things hath been given what he, who
   rules alone o'er much, electeth.
  Indra helped Etasa, the Soma presser, contending in the chariot-
   race with Sūrya.
16Thus to thee, Indra, yoker of bay coursers, the Gotamas have
   brought their prayers and praises.
  Bestow upon them thought, decked with all beauty. May he,
   enriched with prayer, come soon and early.

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