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1In the great synod will I laud thy two bay steeds: I prize the
   sweet strong drink of thee the Warrior-God,
  His who pours lovely oil as'twere with yellow drops. Let my
   songs enter thee whose form hath golden tints.
2Ye who—in concert sing unto the gold-hued place, like bay steeds
   driving onward to the heavenly seat,
  For Indra laud ye strength allied with tawny steeds, laud him
   whom cows content as'twere with yellow drops.
3His is that thunderbolt, of iron, golden-hued, gold-coloured,
   very dear, and yellow in his arms;
  Bright with strong teeth, destroying with its tawny rage. In
  Indra are set fast all forms of golden hue.
4As if a lovely ray were laid upon the sky, the golden thunder-
   bolt spread out as in a race.
  That iron bolt with yellow jaw smote Ahi down. A thousand
   flames had he who bore the tawny-hued. p. 288
5Thou, thou, when praised by men who sacrificed of old, hadst
   pleasure in their lauds, O Indra golden-haired.
  All that befits thy song of praise thou welcomest, the perfect:
   pleasant gift, O golden-hued from birth.

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