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p. 286


1If I, O Indra, were, like thee, the single sovran of all wealth.
  My worshipper should be rich in kine.
2I should be fain, O Lord of Might, to strengthen and enrich the
  Were I the lord of herds of kine,
3To worshippers who press the juice thy goodness, Indra, is a
  Yielding in plenty kine and steeds.
4None is there, Indra, God or man, to hinder thy munificence,
  The wealth which, lauded, thou wilt give.
5The sacrifice made Indra strong when he unrolled the earth and
  Himself a diaden in heaven.
6Thine aid we claim, O Indra, thine who after thou hast waxen
  Hast won all treasures for thine own.

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