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1Like women, let this Soma juice invested with its raiment, glide..
  Most active Indra, close to thee.
2Mighty in bulk, strong-necked, stout-armed in the wild rapture.
   of the juice p. 267
  Doth Indra smite the foemen dead.
3Indra, advance, go forward thou who by thy might art Lord of
  Slay, Vritra-slayer slay thy foes.
4Long be thy grasping-hook wherewith thou givest treasure unto-
  Who pours the juice and worships thee.
5Here, Indra, is thy Soma draught, made pure upon the sacred.
  Run hither, come and drink thereof.
6Famed for thy radiance, worshipped well! this juice is shed for
   thy delight:
  Thou art invoked, Ākhandala!
7To Kundapāyya, grandson's son, grandson of Sringavrish, to
  To him have I addressed my thought.

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