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p. a334


A charm accompanying investiture with an amulet

1Upon the strong is bound the strong, this magic cord, this Amu-
  Potent, foe-slayer, served by valiant heroes, happy and fortu-
   nate defence.
2This Charm, foe-slayer, served by many heroes, strong, power-
   ful, victorious, and mighty, goes bravely forth to meet and
   ruin witchcraft.
3With this same Amulet wise Indra routed the Asuras, with this
   he slaughtered Vritra,
  With this he won this pair, both Earth and Heaven, and made
   the sky's four regions his possession.
4May this encircling magic cord, this Amulet of Srāktya wood,
  Mighty, subduing enemies, keep us secure on every side.
5This Agni hath declared, Soma declared it, Brihaspati, and
  Savitar, and Indra.
  So may these Gods whom I have set before me oppose with
   saving charms and banish witchcraft.
6I have obscured the heaven and earth, yea, and the daylight and
   the sun.
  So may these Gods whom I have set before me oppose with
   saving charms and banish witchcraft.
7Whoever for his armour takes an amulet of the Srāktya tree,
  Like the Sun risen up to heaven, quells witchcraft with superior
8With Amulet of Srāktya wood, as with a thoughtful Rishi's aid,
  In every fight have I prevailed; I smite the foes and Rākshasas.
9All witchcraft of Angirases,"all witchcraft wrought by Asuras,
  All witchcraft self-originate, and all that others have prepared,
  May these depart to both remotest spaces, past ninety ample
10May the Gods bind the Charm on him for armour, Indra, and
  Vishnu, Savitar Rudra, Agni,
  Prajāpati, sublimest Parameshlhin, Virāj, Vaisvānara, and all
   the Rishis.
11Thou art the chief of all the plants, even as a bull among the
   beasts. p. a335
  A tiger of the beasts of prey. Him whom we sought for have we
   found, him lying near in wait for us.
12A tiger verily is he, he is a lion, and a bull,
  Subduer of his foes is he, the man who wears this Amulet.
13No mortal beings slay him, no Gāndharvas, no Apsarases;
  O'er all the regions he is king, the man who wears this Amulet.
14Kasyapa formed and fashioned thee, Kasyapa raised and sent
   thee forth.
  Indra wore thee, and, wearing thee, won in the wrestling-match
   with man.
   The Amulet of boundless might the Gods have made a coat of
15Whoever would destroy thee with Dikshā-rites, sacrifices, spells,
  Meet him and smite him, Indra! with thy hundred-knotted
16Verily let this Amulet, circular, potent, conquering,
  Happy and fortunate defence, preserve thy children and thy
17Brave Indra, set before us light, peace and security from below,
  Peace and security from above, peace and security from behind.
18My coat of mail is Heaven and Earth, my coat of mail is Day
   and Sun:
  A coat of mail may Indra and Agni and Dhātar grant to me.
19Not all the Gods may pierce, all leagued together, the vast
   strong shield which Indra gives, and Agni.
  May that great shield on all sides guard my body, that to full
   old my life may be extended.
20Let the Gods' Charm be bound on me to keep me safe from
   every ill.
  Come ye and enter all within this pillar, the safe-guard of the
   body, thrice-defended.
21In this let Indra lay a store of valour: approach ye Gods, and
   enter it together,
  For his long life, to last a hundred autumns, that to full age his
   days may be extended.
22Lord of the clan who brings, us bliss, fiend-slayer, queller of the
  May he, the conqueror, ne'er subdued, may Indra bind the
  Charm on thee, p. a336
  Bull, Soma-drinker, he who gives us peace.
  May he protect thee round about, by night and day on every,

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