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A gambler's prayer for success in gaming

1As evermore the lightning flash strikes, irresistible, the tree,
  So, irresistible, may I conquer the gamblers with the dice. p. a290
2From every side, from hale and sick, impotent to defend them-
  May all the fortune of the folk as winnings pass into my hands.
3I pray to Agni, him who guards his treasure: here, won by
   homage, may he pile our winnings.
  As 'twere with racing cars I bring my presents: duly with
   reverence, let me laud the Maruts.
4With thee to aid us may we win the treasure: do thou assist
   our side in every battle.
  Give us wide room and easy way, O Indra; break down, O
  Maghavan, the foemen's valour.
5I have completely cleaned thee out, won from thee what thou
   keptest back.
  As a wolf tears and rends a sheep, so do I tear thy stake away.
6Yea, by superior play one gains advantage: in time he piles his
   spoil as doth a gambler.
  He overwhelms with wealth's inherent powers the devotee who
   keeps not back his riches.
7May we all, much-invoked! repel with cattle want that brings
   sin, hunger with store of barley.
  May we uninjured, first among the princes, obtain possessions
   by our own exertions.
8My right hand holds my winnings fast, and in my left is
  I would that I were winner of cattle and horses, wealth and
9Dice, give me play that bringeth fruit as 'twere a cow with
   flowing milk!
  And, as the bowstring binds, the bow, unite me with a stream of

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