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A prayer for prosperity and happiness

1Anumati approve to-day our sacrifice among the Gods!
  May Agni bear mine offerings away for me the worshipper.
2Do thou, Anumati! approve, and grant us health and happiness.
  Accept the offered sacrifice, and, Goddess, give us progeny. p. a279
3May he approving in return accord us wealth inexhaustible with
   store of children.
  Never may we be subject to his anger, but rest in his benevo-
   lence and mercy.
4Thy name is easy to invoke, good leader! approved, Anumati
   and rich in bounty.
  Source of all bonds! fill up therewith our worship, and, Blest
  One! grant us wealth with goodly heroes.
5Anumati hath come to this our worship well-formed to give
   good lands and valiant heroes:
  For her kind care hath blessed us. God-protected, may she assist
   the sacrifice we offer.
6Anumati became this All, whatever standeth or walketh, every-
   thing that moveth.
  May we enjoy thy gracious love, O Goddess. Regard us, O Anu-
   mati, with favour.

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