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A prayer for wealth and children

1May the Ordainer give us wealth, Lord, ruler of the world of
   life: with full hand may he give to us.
2May Dhātar grant the worshipper henceforth imperishable life.
  May we obtain the favour of the God who giveth every boon.
3To him may Dhātar grant all kinds of blessings who, craving
   children, serves him in his dwelling.
  Him may the Gods invest with life eternal, yea, all the Gods and
  Aditi accordant.
4May this our gift please Savitar, Rāti, Dhātar, Prajāpati, and
  Agni Lord of Treasures.
  May Tvashtar, Vishnu, blessing him with children, give store ot
   riches to the sacrificer.

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