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A charm for the destruction of malignant goblins

1Made ready in the east drive forth, take notice of what is hap-
   pening here, omniscient Agni! p. a193
  Thou bringest medicine and healest sickness: through thee may
   we win horses, kine, and people.
2Accordant with all Gods, O Jātavedas Agni, perform this work
   as we beseech thee,
  That this defence of his may fall, whoever hath caused us pain,
   whoever hath consumed us.
3Unanimous, with all the Gods together, so do this thing O Agni
  Jātavedas, that this defence of his may fall and fail him.
4Pierce both his eyes, pierce thou the heart within him, crush
   thou his teeth and cleave his tongue asunder.
  Rend thou, most youthful Agni, that Pisācha whoso amid them
   all of this hath eaten.
5Whatever of his body hath been taken, plundered, borne off, or
   eaten by Pisāchas,
  This, Agni, knowing it, again bring hither! We give back flesh
   and spirit to his body.
6If some Pisācha in my food raw, ready, thoroughly cooked, or,
   spotty, hath deceived me,
  Let the Pisāchas with their lives and offspring atone for this,
   and let this man be healthy.
7If one hath cheated me in milk or porridge, in food from grain
   or plants that need no culture.
  Let the Pisāchas, etc.
8If one, flesh eater, in a draught of water have wronged me lying
   in the bed of goblins,
  Let the Pisāchas, etc.
9If one, flesh-eater, in the day or night-time have wronged me
   lying in the bed of goblins,
  Let the Pisāchas, etc.
10O Agni Jātavedas, slay the bloody Pisācha, flesh-devourer, mind-
  Strong Indra strike him with his bolt of thunder, courageous
  Soma cut his head to pieces!
11Thou, Agni, ever slayest Yātudhānas, the fiends have never con-
   quered thee in battles.
  Consume thou from the root the flesh-devourers, let none of
   them escape thy heavenly weapon
12Collect, O Jātavedas, what hath been removed and borne away.
  Let this man's members grow, let him swell like the tendril of a
   plant. p. a194
13Like as the Soma's tendril, thus, O Jātavedas let him swell,
  Let him live, Agni I Make him fat, free from consumption, full
   of sap.
14Here, Agni, is the fuel, here are logs that crush Pisāchas down.
  O Jātavedas, willingly accept them and be pleased therewith.
15Accept, O Agni, with thy flame the billets of Tārshtāgha wood.
  Let the flesh-eater who would take the flesh of this man lose his

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