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A charm for success in gambling

1Hither I call the Apsaras, victorious, who plays with skill,
  Her who comes freely fort to view, who wins the stakes in games
   of dice.
2Hither I call that Apsaras who scatters and who gathers up. p. a149
  The Apsaras who plays with skill and takes her winnings in the
3Dancing around us with the dice, winning the wager by her
  May she obtain the stake for us and gain the victory with skill.
  May she approach us full of strength: let them not win this
   wealth of ours.
4Hither I call that Apsaras, the joyous, the delightful one—
  Those nymphs who revel in the dice, who suffer grief and yield
   to wrath.
5Who follow in their course the rays of Sūrya, or as a particle of
   light attend him.
  Whose leader from afar, with store of riches, compasses quickly
   all the worlds and guards them.
  Pleased, may he come to this our burnt oblation, together with
   the Air, enriched with treasure.
6Together with the Air, O rich in treasure, guard here the white
   cow and the calf, O mighty!
  Here are abundant drops for thee, come hither! Here is thy
   white calf, let thy mind be with us.
7Together with the Air, O rich in treasure, keep the white calf in
   safety here, O mighty!
  Here is the grass, here is the stall, here do we bind the calf. We
   are your masters, name by name. All Hail!

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