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Magnification of the Odana or oblation of milk and rice

1Odana which Prajāpati, the firstborn of Order, dressed with
   fervour for the Brāhman,
   which guards the worlds from breaking atIthe centre,—I with this
  Odana will conquer Mrityu. p. a145
2Whereby the World-Creators vanquished Mrityu, that which
   they found by fervour, toil and trouble,
  That which prayer first made ready for the Brāhman,—I with
   this Odana will conquer Mrityu.
3That which upholds the Earth, the all-sustainer, that which hath
   filled air's middle realm with moisture,
  Which, raised on high in grandeur, stablished heaven,—I with
   this Odana will conquer Mrityu.
4From which the months with thirty spokes were moulded, from
   which the twelve-spoked year was formed and fashioned.
  Which circling day and night have ne'er o'ertaken,—I with this
  Odana will conquer Mrityu.
5Which hath become breath-giver, life-bestower; to which the
   worlds flow full of oil and fatness,
  To whom belong all the refulgent regions,—I with this Odana
   will conquer Mrityu.
6From which, matured, sprang Amrit into being, which hath
   become Gāyatris lord and ruler,
  In which the perfect Vedas have been treasured,—I with this
  Odana will conquer Mrityu,
7I drive away the hostile God-despiser: far off be those who are
   mine adversaries,
  I dress Brahmaudana that winneth all things. May the Gods
   hear me who believe and trust them.

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