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A hymn to Manyu or Wrath

1Borne on with thee, O Manyu girt by Maruts, let our brave men,
   impetuous, bursting forward,
  March on, like flames of fire in form, exulting, with pointed
   arrows, sharpening their weapons.
2Flashing like fire, be thou, O conquering Manyu, invoked, O
   victor, as our army's leader.
  Slay thou our foes, distribute their possession: show forth thy
   vigour, scatter those who hate us.
3O Manyu, overcome those who assail us. On! breaking, slaying,
   crushing down the foemen.
  They have not hindered thine impetuous vigour: mighty! sole
   born! reduce them to subjection.
4Alone of many thou art worshipped, Manyu: sharpen the spirit
   of each clan for combat.
  With thee to aid, O thou of perfect splendour, we raise the
   glorious battle-shout for conquest.
5Unyielding, bringing victory like Indra, O Manyu be thou here
   our sovran ruler. p. a141
  To thy dear name. O victor, we sing praises: we know the
   spring from which thou art come hither.
6Twin-borne with power, destructive bolt of thunder the highest
   conquering might is thine, subduer!
  Be friendly to us in thy spirit, Manyu! O much-invoked, in
   shock of mighty battle!
7For spoil let Varuna and Manyu give us the wealth of both sides
   gathered and collected;
  And let our enemies with stricken spirits, o'er-whelmed with.
   terror, sling away defeated.

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