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p. a132


Magnification of Agni and prayer for his protection

1I fix my heart on wise and ancient Agni, the Five Tribes' Lord,
   in many a place enkindled.
  We seek him who hath entered all our houses. May he deliver
   us from grief and trouble.
2As thou conveyest offerings, Jātavedas! and fashionest the sacri-
   fice with knowledge,
  So bear thou to the Gods the prayer we utter. May he deliver
   us from grief and trouble.
3I pray to Agni in each act successful, employed in every sacrifice,
   the strongest,
  Fiend-slayer, served with fatness, strengthening worship. May
   he deliver us from grief and trouble.
4We invoke the oblation-bearer, well-born Agni Jātavedas,
  Him, Vaisvānara, almighty. May he set us free from trouble.
5With whom as friend the Rishis gave their power new splendour,
   with whom they kept aloof the Asuras' devices,
  Agni, with whom Indra subdued the Panis. May he deliver us.
   from grief and trouble.
6Through whom the Gods discovered life eternal, through whom
   they stored the plants with pleasant juices,
  Through whom they brought to men the light of heaven. May
   he deliver us from grief and trouble.
7I, suppliant, praise and ever call on Agni, sole Lord of all this
   world, of all that shineth,
  Of what exists and shall exist hereafter. May he deliver us from
   grief and trouble.

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