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p. a118


A charm to mend a broken bone

1Thou art the healer, making whole, the healer of the broken
  Make thou this whole, Arundhatī!
2Whatever bone of thine within thy body hath been wrenched or
  May Dhātar set it properly and join together limb by limb.
3With marrow be the marrow joined, thy limb united with the
  Let what hath fallen of thy flesh, and the bone also grow again.
4Let marrow close with marrow, let skin grow united with the
  Let blood and bone grow strong in thee, flesh grow together
   with the flesh.
5Join thou together hair with hair, join thou together skin with
  Let blood and bone grow strong in thee. Unite the broken part,.
  O Plant.
6Arise, advance, speed forth; the car hath goodly fellies, naves,
   and wheels!!
  Stand up erect upon thy feet.
7If he be torn and shattered, having fallen into a pit, or a cast
   stone have struck him,
  Let the skilled leech join limb with limb, as 'twere the portions
   of a car.

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