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p. a115


A charm accompanying investiture with an amulet of shell

1Child of the wind firmament, sprung from the lightning and the
  May this the gold-born Shell that bears the pearl preserve us
   from distress.
2Shell that wast born from out the sea, set at the head of
   things that shine!
  With thee we slay the Rākshasas and overcome voracious fiends.
3We stay disease and indigence, and chase Sadānvās with the
  May the all-healing Shell that bears the pearl preserve us from
4Born in the heaven, sprung from the sea, brought to us hither
   from the flood.
  This gold-born Shell shall be to us an amulet to lengthen life.
5From ocean sprang the Amulet, from Vritra sprang the Lord of
  May this protect us round about from shaft of God and Asura.
6Peerless 'mid golden ornaments art thou: from Soma wast thou
  Thou gleamest on the quiver, thou art beautiful upon the car:
   may it prolong our days of life!
7Bone of the Good became the pearl's shell-mother endowed with
   soul it moveth in the waters.
  I bind this on thee for life, strength, and vigour, for long life
   lasting through a hundred autumns.
  May the pearl's mother keep and guard thee safely!

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