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Cosmogonical and mystico-theological doctrine

1Eastward at first the prayer was generated: Vena disclosed bright
   flashes from the summit,
  Disclosed his deepest, nearest revelations, womb of the non-
   existent and existent.
2Let this Queen come in front, her Father's daughter, found in
   the worlds for earliest generation.
  For him they set this radiant vault in motion. Let them prepare
   warm milk for him who first would drink.
3He who was born as his all-knowing kinsman declareth all the
   deities' generations.
  He from the midst of prayer his prayer hath taken. On high,
   below, spread forth his godlike nature.
4For he, true to the law of Earth and Heaven, established both
   the mighty worlds securely.
  Mighty when born, he propped apart the mighty, the sky, our
   earthly home, and air's mid-region.
5He from the depth hath been reborn for ever, Brihaspati the
   world's sole Lord and Ruler.
  From light was born the Day with all its lustre: through this
   let sages live endowed with splendour.
6The sage and poet verily advanceth the statute of that mighty
  God primeval.
  He was born here with many more beside him: they slumbered
   when the foremost side was opened.
7The man who seeks the friend of Gods, Atharvan the father,
   and Brihaspati, with worship,
  Crying to him, Be thou all things' creator! the wise God, self-
   dependent, never injures.

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