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p. a93


The taming and training of an elephant for a king to ride on

1Famed be the Elephant's strength, the lofty glory, which out of
  Aditi's body took existence!
  They all have given me this for my possession, even all the Gods
   and Aditi accordant.
2On this have Mitra, Varuna, Indra, and Rudra fixed their
  May those all-fostering deities anoint and balm me with his
3The strength wherewith the Elephant was dowered, that decks a
  King among the men, in waters,
  O Agni, even with that strength make thou me vigorous to-day.
4The lofty strength which sacrifice brings, Jātavedas! unto thee,
  What strength the Sun possesses, all strength of the royal Ele-
   phant—such strength vouchsafe to me the pair of Asvins
5Far as the heaven's four regions spread, far as the eye's most
   distant ken.
  So wide, so vast let power be mine, this vigour of the Elephant.
6Now hath the Elephant become chief of all pleasant beasts to
  With his high fortune and his strength I grace and conscorate

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