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p. a62


Expiation for an imperfectly performed sacrifice

1We who enjoying it have grown no richer, for whom the sacred
   altar-fires have sorrowed,
  We who compounded with deficient worship,—may Visvakarman
   make our service prosper.
2Rishis have called the sacrifice's patron amerced through sin,
   sorrowing for his offspring.
  Those drops of meath whereof the missed enjoyment,—may
  Visvakarman with those drops unite us.
3Regarding niggard churls as Soma-drinkers, skilful in sacrifice,
   weak at the meeting,
  Whatever sin the captive hath committed, do thou for weal
   release him, Visvakarman!
4Awful are Rishis: unto them be homage, and to their eye and
   truthfulness of spirit!
  Loud homage to Brihaspati, O mighty! Homage to thee, O
  Visvakarman! Guard us.
5The eye of sacrifice, source, and beginning—with voice, ear,
   spirit unto him I offer.
  To this our sacrifice wrought by Visvakarman may the Gods
   come gracious and kindly-hearted.

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