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A prayer for a boy's long and happy life

1This Child, Old Age! shall grow to meet thee only: none of
   the hundred other deaths shall harm him. p. a55
  From trouble caused by friends let Mitra guard him, as a kind
   mother guards the son she nurses.
2Mitra or Varuna the foe-destroyer, accordant, grant him death
   in course of nature!
  Thus Agni, Hotar-priest, skilled in high statutes, declareth all
   the deities' generations.
3Thou art the Lord of all terrestrial cattle, of cattle born and to
   be born hereafter.
  Let not breath drawn or breath emitted fail him. Let not his
   friends, let not his foemen slay him.
4Let Heaven thy father and let Earth thy mother, accordant, give
   thee death in course of nature,
  That thou mayst live on Aditi's bosom, guarded, a hundred
   winters, through thy respirations.
5Lead him to life, O Agni, and to splendour, this dear child,
  Varuna! and thou King Mitra!
  Give him protection, Aditi! as a mother; All Gods, that his be
   life of long duration;

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