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A charm against fiends who cause abortion

1The Goddess Prisniparni hath blest us, and troubled Nirriti.
  Fierce crusher of the Kanvas she: her have I gained, the mighty
2Victorious in the olden time this Prisniparni was brought forth:
  With her I cleave, as 'twere a bird's, the head of the Detestables. p. a52
4The hateful fiend who drinks the blood, and him who take away
   the growth,
  The Kanva who devours the germ, quell, Prisniparni! and!
5Drive and imprison in a hill these Kanvas harassers of life:
  Follow them Prisniparni, thou Goddess, like fire consuming.
6Drive thou away these Kanvas, drive the harassers of life afar.
  Whither the shades of darkness go, I send the fiends who feed
   on flesh.

There is no verse 3 in the copytext—JBH

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