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p. a41


A charm to cure dangerous disease

1Free this man, Dasavriksha! from the demon, from Grāhi who
   hath seized his joints and members,
  And raise him up again, O Tree, into the world of living men.
2He hath arisen and come once more, rejoined the band of those
   who live.
  May he become the sire of sons, and of all men most fortunate.
3He hath returned to consciousness, rejoined the living's firm
  For hundred leeches are in this, yea, and a thousand healing
4The Gods, the Brāhman-priests, and plants observed the way to
   gather thee:
  All deities described the way men gather thee upon the earth.
5Let him who made it also heal: he, truly, is the deftest leech.
  Pure, with a leech he verily shall give thee medicines that heal.

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