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p. a26


A prayer to Agni for the destruction of evil spirits

1God Agni hath come forth to us, fiend-slayer, chaser of disease,
  Burning the Yātudhānas up, Kimidins, and deceitful ones.
2Consume the Yātudhānas, God! meet the Kimidins with thy
  Burn up the Yātudhānis as they face thee, thou whose path is
3She who hath cursed us with a curse, or hath conceived a
   murderous sin;
  Or seized our son to take his blood, let her devour the child
   she bare.
4Let her, the Yātudhāni eat son, sister, and her daughter's.
  Now let the twain by turns destroy the wild-haired Yātudhānis-
   and crush down Arāyis to the earth!

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